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Erin Sax and Patrick Kelly’s haunting and lyrical song, “Happy” for the acclaimed psychological thriller, Altered Minds, is eligible for an Oscar nod and today’s the last day Academy members are able to make their nominations.

Thank you to Huffington Post’s Mike Ragogna for this wonderful endorsement of what should absolutely be one of the top 5 contenders for Best Original Song at this year’s Academy Awards!



“Altered Minds” is eligible for Best Original Soundtrack Oscar Nom!

Rowish Films is proud to announce that composer Edmund Choi’s
brilliant music for “Altered Minds” is eligible for Best Original Score!

Edmund also composed the music for the Australian critical and box-office hits, “The Dish” and “The Castle” as well as M. Night Shayamalan’s first two features, “Praying With Anger” and Miramax’s “Wide Awake”

Listen to haunting END THEME

See the Variety article.

“Altered Minds” is now available on all major video on demand platforms including Comcast/Infinity, Time Warner, Fios, Direct TV, The Dish Network, Charter on Demand and all major Cable/Telco/Satellite providers.

“Altered Minds” Original Song “Happy” Eligible for an Oscar Nom!

Rowish Films is proud to announce that the song “HAPPY” from the feature film “Altered Minds” has been selected as 1 of 74 eligible songs for the 2016 Academy Awards!

Singer-songwriter Erin Sax wrote “Happy” after reading the “Altered Minds” screenplay. Writer-director Michael Wechsler found the song a “haunting and lyrical poem that beautifully captures the pain and suffering of his conflicted characters struggling to make sense of their lives.”

Here’s the “Happy” Music Video  with exclusive scenes from the psychological thriller!

See the Variety article here

“Altered Minds” is now available on all major video on demand platforms including
Comcast/Infinity, Time Warner, Fios, Direct TV, The Dish Network, Charter on Demand and all major Cable/Telco/Satellite providers.


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Psychology Today “Altered Minds” red carpet premiere!

Psychology Today magazine hosted the red carpet premiere of the psychological thriller, “Altered Minds” last evening at the prestigious Helen Mills theater in New York City. In addition to the film’s writer/director, Michael Z. Wechsler, the premiere was attended by actress, Caroline Lagerfelt, who came supported by fellow “Gossip Girl” alum, Kelly Rutherford, and Executive Producer, Rick Porras (Coproducer of Lord of the Rings Trilogy)

After watching the film, Psychology Today’s editor-at-large, Hara Estroff Marano moderated an insightful panel which included Michael Wechsler, Caroline Lagerfelt and two reknowned psychiatrists, Guy Winch, Ph.D. and Jane Greer, Ph.D.  The conversation touched on some of the film’s central themes including dysfunctional family structures, family secrets, child abuse, and mind control experimentation.

“Altered Minds” opens theatrically nationwide and on video on demand on November 20th, 2015.

Psychological Thriller “Altered Minds” Brings Home Kickstarter Funds

“Altered Minds” successfully raised its crowdfunding goal to support its release in theaters and on video on demand this Friday, November 20th.   Though a majority of the film’s independent financing came from private investors, Michael Z. Wechsler, who wrote, directed and produced the film, also employed two Kickstarter campaigns to raise money and a fan base before and after production.

“Every independent filmmaker should have a crowdfunding campaign as part of their overall strategy in making their movie.  For both of ours, the main goals were raising the resources to get us to the next step, but also grow a fan base we could rely on at different stages to help us promote the film and get the word out.  As a result of this recent campaign, we have gained followers and fans in Europe, Asia and the United States who have already begun spreading the word about our release.”



iTunes WEEKEND PRE-ORDER SALES EVENT for Altered Minds On Demand

Altered MindsiTunes pre-order sale lasts 72 hours!

The award-winning independent psychological thriller, Altered Minds, starring Judd Hirsch and C.S. Lee(Dexter) is having a special Itunes pre-order sale this Friday, November 13 through Sunday, Nov 15.  During the special 72 hour sale, customers will be able to buy the film for only $7.99.  After that, it will return to the $12.99HD price.

During the 1960’s and 70’s there were reports of the U.S. government conducting mind altering experiments on its citizens – acts where the lines of science fiction and reality became blurred. Inspired by these events, Altered Minds harnesses the talents of an all-star cast, including Judd Hirsch as Dr. Nathaniel Shellner. Shellner , a Nobel Prize winning psychiatrist, (who’s dying of cancer) has come under the scrutiny of one of his four children(Tommy). He believes his father conducted psychological experiments on himself and his siblings. Is the good Dr. a monster? Is the family’s house a torture chamber? Are Tommy’s visions fragments of his own mental instability or is it PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) left over from his childhood?

Altered Minds shines brightly with performances that takes you on a journey through dark secrets and the impact they have on individuals and their loved ones.

It’s no secret Altered Minds has secured 10 city, national distribution with day and date VOD on November 20th.

CLICK HERE ~> iTunes WEEKEND PRE-SALES EVENT for Altered Minds On Demand

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‘Altered Minds’ writer-director relaunches 2 webseries ‘The Last Date’ and ‘Celebrity Home Videos’

Less than 3 weeks before the release of his second feature, writer/director/producer, Michael Wechsler is relaunching his 2 comedic webseries, ‘The Last Date’ and ‘Celebrity Home Videos’ with co-creator, Terry Keefe.

“The Last Date” features recreations of real dates from hell. These dates don’t just go bad. They literally are traumatizing, albeit hilarious.  “Celebrity Home Videos” is a parody of found footage of celebrities before they were famous.

Though Wechsler’s second feature ‘Altered Minds’ is a dark psychological thriller, he’s always had a love for comedy.  “With ‘Altered Minds’ bowing around the country in theaters and on VOD, I want to flex my comedy muscle again.  Especially in these times when laughter is in short supply and is a much needed antidote. I love to alternate between the dark and light!”

The first 2 episodes are “Brace Yourself” a Farrelly Brothers kind of romp that involves braces and oral sex, and “The Lost Audition Tapes of Robert Deniro” which has the archetypal actor auditioning for Star Wars!



Psychology Today to Host NYC Red Carpet Premiere of ‘Altered Minds’

Psychology Today magazine, Gravitas Ventures and Rowish Productions will be hosting the red carpet premiere of the Judd Hirsch psychological thriller, ‘Altered Minds,’ on November 18th, two days before the film’s theatrical run in ten cities and roll-out on video on demand.

This exclusive event features a post-screening panel moderated by Psychology Today editor-at-large, Hara Estroff Marano, Guy Winch,PH.D, Jane Greer, PH.D,  writer/director Michael Wechsler and  cast members C.S. Lee (Dexter’s Vince Masuka), Jaime Ray Newman (ABC’S Wicked City) and Caroline Lagerfelt (Gossip Girl)

Psychology Today has screened and moderated discussions for notable independent films such as ‘Infinite Polar Bear’ and most recently, ‘The Stanford Prison Experiment’  


GRAVITAS VENTURES to release "Altered Minds" in Theaters and on VOD Nov. 20th

Rowish Films is proud to announce our new partnership with the reputable distributor, Gravitas Ventures, who will release the film November 20th, 2015, in ten cities theatrically (including NYC and LA) as well as on VOD across multiple cable and internet VOD platforms!

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