“Altered Minds” Original Song “Happy” Eligible for an Oscar Nom!

Rowish Films is proud to announce that the song “HAPPY” from the feature film “Altered Minds” has been selected as 1 of 74 eligible songs for the 2016 Academy Awards!

Singer-songwriter Erin Sax wrote “Happy” after reading the “Altered Minds” screenplay. Writer-director Michael Wechsler found the song a “haunting and lyrical poem that beautifully captures the pain and suffering of his conflicted characters struggling to make sense of their lives.”

Here’s the “Happy” Music Video  with exclusive scenes from the psychological thriller!

See the Variety article here

“Altered Minds” is now available on all major video on demand platforms including
Comcast/Infinity, Time Warner, Fios, Direct TV, The Dish Network, Charter on Demand and all major Cable/Telco/Satellite providers.


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