Psychological Thriller “Altered Minds” Brings Home Kickstarter Funds

“Altered Minds” successfully raised its crowdfunding goal to support its release in theaters and on video on demand this Friday, November 20th.   Though a majority of the film’s independent financing came from private investors, Michael Z. Wechsler, who wrote, directed and produced the film, also employed two Kickstarter campaigns to raise money and a fan base before and after production.

“Every independent filmmaker should have a crowdfunding campaign as part of their overall strategy in making their movie.  For both of ours, the main goals were raising the resources to get us to the next step, but also grow a fan base we could rely on at different stages to help us promote the film and get the word out.  As a result of this recent campaign, we have gained followers and fans in Europe, Asia and the United States who have already begun spreading the word about our release.”



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