‘Altered Minds’ Crowdfunds for Distribution!


‘Altered Minds’ Crowdfunds for Distribution!

Altered Minds is one month out from its ten city theatrical release and video-on-demand roll-out on November 21rst! Over the last few weeks, we’ve been planning an extensive crowdfunding campaign which begins today!

Some of you may ask, ‘But you already have distribution, why are you raising more money?’  The reality of our distribution deal is that many of the costs involved in a successful theatrical and VOD launch fall on the shoulders of the filmmakers.   Some of these include: final deliverables for theatrical and VOD exhibition, marketing and publicity, and print/online advertising.

We could’ve approached investors for this last round, but we didn’t want further dilution at the cost of many of our team members who worked deferred or at greatly reduced rates.   We also felt, with the film release being around the corner, Kickstarter would be a great way for us to attract new followers on social media who would then learn about our film.  Having met with Kickstarter film team, they agree that it’s a great platform to ‘get the word out’ especially if you film is going to be going to the marketplace.

With this Kickstarter campaign, we are introducing something new to the crowdfunding community:  KICK-IT-FORWARD.   With Kick-it-Forward, we’re asking other Kickstarters(with current or inactive campaigns) to share one of their projects perks with us.  In exchange for their karmic Kickstarter kindness, we will give them a shout-out on our KS page and all of our social media and our backers can choose a perk outside of our project that’s supporting another Kickstarter.  We also ask the person “Kicking-it-forward” to do a shout-on on their KS page.

Why are we doing this?  Well, it’s simple.   Many of us in the Kickstarter world have very little savings as a result of putting them into our labors of love.  What that means is that, though we may want to support a fellow Kickstarter, many of us are too tapped out.  In this case, however, why not donate a perk to another project as a way of saying “I’m supporting this KS project”  And it’s a win-win. They are supporting a project without draining their financial resources further and both projects promote each other to their social media and Kickstarter backers. This is a great way for the KS community to support each other with more than just financial backing and a way of bringing like-minded Kickstarters together.

Please click on the below link which will take you to our campaign.  I think you’ll get a kick out our video(sorry, couldn’t help myself)

More great ‘Altered Minds’ news on the horizon so stay tuned!